RKM (Rockin K Miniatures) Champagne Bred Miniature Mares
Mesa, Arizona  rkmminis@hughes.net

The following mares are all champagne bred for 2013 foals, which may be listed for sale.  Our goal at  Rockin K Miniatures is to improve and refine the miniature champagne horse breed.  For information contact Sarah Collett at rkmminis@hughes.net

CCAS Precious Jubilee (Bred to Monteego) Andromeda Champagne N Roses (Bred to Prince)

Jubilee is a 32" AMHA / AMHR Buckskin Mare.  She is very correct and refined, but in this picture she's pregnant.  She consistently produces gorgeous show foals, and a few have been exported overseas.  Bloodlines include Lazy N Redboy, and Buckeroo.  Sire is Scrivners Black Raven and Dam is CCAS Tigers Precious Jewel.

Rosie is a 31" AMHA / AMHR / ICHR Amber Champagne Snowflake Appaloosa Mare.  She is refined and petite, and pictured with her 2011 filly.  Her sire is Luv Em Mini Rulers Champagne.  Her dam is Luv Em Mini's Wild Sierra.  Rosie has been bred to Prince Charming below, and we excitedly anticipate her 2013 foal. 

Fallen Ash Farms Good As Gold (Bred to Monteego)

Good as Gold is a 30" AMHA / AMHR Palomino.  Her sire is Johnstons Gold Bar, by Gold Melody Boy.  Her Dam is Johnstons Melody Gem by Gold Melody Boy.  This mare is a proven champion producer and is bred to Monteego below.  Her 2013 foal, should be an outstanding blend of the best that these 2 horses have to offer.

RKM's Future Brood Mares
RKM Bubbles N Champagne Dos Palmas Champagne Bubbles

Bubbles is a Sable Snowflake Appaloosa Champagne.  She is AMHA / AHMR / ICHR. Her sire is A Model Black Hawk and her dam is Andromeda Champagne N Roses, (Above). 

Champagne is an Amber Cream Pinto Champagne.  She is AMHA / AMHR / ICHR / FBR.  Her sire is Kohlmans Fallabella Little Prince.  Her dam is Sweetwaters Broadway Star.

C & MF Muchos El Monteego
Monteego is registered as # 840
Classic Champagne with the ICHR
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To learn more about Champagne horses, click this  link to to to the International Champagne Horse Registry (ICHR) Site

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